Donations are always greatly appreciated! A standard grocery bag sized donation can be dropped off any time. Please give us a call or contact us by email if you have any questions or if you plan to drop off a larger donation. Please include photos of your offerings with your email. (

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE DONATIONS AFTER HOURS. By the time we are back at the store, they will have either been stolen or damaged, and therefore unusable. Donations brought in paper bags or reuseable garbage bags are really appreciated.

Here’s a list of things we happily accept :


  • paper – sketch books (gently used), cardstock, graph paper, tracing paper, origami paper
  • canvas – canvas cloth, stretched canvas, canvas board
  • unwanted paintings on stretched canvas, wood panel or cradle board
  • paint – acrylic & oil (gently used), watercolour, gouache, fabric dyes
  • pencils, charcoal, ink, pastels, pencil crayons, markers
  • brushes
  • easels
  • acetate & mylar
  • glue, glue guns, tape


  • beads and beading tools
  • scrapbooking supplies
  • rubber stamps & ink pads
  • stickers
  • washi tape
  • patterned punches & hole punches
  • glitter
  • cork (sheet and wine corks)
  • marbles, polished rocks & stones
  • puzzle pieces
  • popsicle sticks (clean!)
  • pom poms & pipe cleaners


  • postcards (we love vintage)
  • photos & slides
  • maps
  • pamphlets (vintage only)
  • older sheet music
  • vintage books with illustrations (falling apart is fine!)
  • National Geographic & Life magazines (1980’s and older)
  • greeting cards & tags (older preferred)
  • tissue paper
  • handmade paper


  • fabric (interesting patterns & colours, textures preferred, clean and larger than 8X8” )
  • buttons
  • trim, lace, binding tape, tassels
  • leather scrap (larger than 3X4″ pieces)
  • buckles & fasteners
  • thread & empty thread spools
  • knitting & crochet needles
  • yarn & wool roving
  • stuffing & quilt batting
  • zippers & snaps
  • fun fur
  • felt
  • burlap
  • interfacing
  • sewing patterns (we love older)
  • embroidery floss & hoops
  • jute, string, macrame cord
  • scissors & needles


  • foamcore
  • matboard
  • coreplast
  • Acrylic sheets
  • wood picture frames (with or without glass)
  • metal picture frames (no larger than 24X36″)
  • wire and hooks
  • (please no glass, unless it is in a frame)


  • keys (we love older keys!)
  • vintage items
  • ornate metal pieces
  • wood dowels
  • pine cones, shells
  • dried flowers and fake flowers
  • doll parts
  • cardboard tubes (please no toilet paper rolls)
  • wire
  • tiles ( no larger than 4X4″ – interesting colours and patterns only)
  • wallpaper books
  • we take in limited quantities of fabric books (no more than 5 at a time, larger than 10X10″ interesting colours and patterns only)
  • cd’s (not cd cases at this time)
  • calendars with interesting images
  • bottle caps
  • clear tubing (unused)
  • glass or plastic test tubes (unused)
  • copper or brass metal scrap (smaller pieces)


  • household items & recycling (clothing, pillows, sheets, tin cans, food containers)
  • used medicine containers
  • corks, binders, duo-tang report folders, file folders, elastics, anything perfumed or with a strong chemical smell (example: some rubber and vinyl products)
  • things with odour, mildew & stains
  • grandpa’s dentures (yes..we were asked about this!)

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