Urban Source has been in the business of encouraging creativity for over 30 years by offering a wide range of unique and inspiring materials to work with. We source out diverse and unusual manufacturing discards that are ideal for all kinds of creative projects. To eliminate over-packaging and handling, most materials are stocked in large barrels and sold in bulk. We also carry a great selection of traditional art supplies and craft materials.

Our store on Main Street is one of the oldest businesses in the area and is a favourite destination for teachers, parents, children and all types of creatives: professional, amateur, young and old!

Over 100 bins are set up at a child-friendly height encouraging kids to explore and choose materials for themselves. Three bag sizes available.


Our materials are fabulous for :

  • children’s arts & crafts
  • assemblage art
  • prop making
  • jewellery making
  • collage art
  • sewing projects
  • “loose parts” (for Reggio inspired learning)
  • card & book making
  • party decorations
  • costumes
  • and so much more!

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